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IcedTea Fonts Working

July 18, 2007

I had originally hoped to have fonts committed into the IcedTea repository last week, but unfortunately we didn’t make it (I was away all week on RHCE training). During this time, however, Kyle Galloway continued working on the fonts and we have now committed the entire patch – including working metrics – into IcedTea.

Some screenshots:

Swing Demo   AWT demo

This font implementation is not perfect; it only covers basic functionality until Sun releases their more comprehensive font work. Specifically, the following are known not to work:

  • Vertical layouts
  • Non-English characters might not all display
  • Some occasional glyph sizing problems
  • Sub-pixel LCD anti-aliasing

If anyone comes across any more problems (and I’m sure there are other bugs), we’d really appreciate a bug report in the IcedTea bugzilla so we can take a look at it.

Also, be aware that other encumbrances remain (path widening and anti-aliased rendering), so not all graphical applications will work yet; a full bootstrap build is also required for graphics support at the moment.

More Fonts

July 6, 2007

It’s been a long week:

working fonts

The rendering problems from my last post have been cleared up, and IcedTea now has basic font support looking quite decent. Metrics-calculation still isn’t working, which affects the Swing/AWT layout managers (I’m not sure where this is done: the native graphics code doesn’t seem to be called), but the rest seems good.

A bit more cleanup, ie removing debug statements, hard-coded build paths, etc, and this will all go into the repository – hopefully some time Monday morning.

IcedTea fonts

July 3, 2007

Continuing off my last entry, an update with IcedTea fonts:

IcedTea fonts

IcedTea has basic font support using Freetype! Of course it’s nowhere as complete as it would need to be to completely replace T2K, but it’s a good stopgap measure until Sun releases their internal code.

A bit of clean-up work (the rendering’s still pretty ugly at the moment!), and I’ll commit this into the mercurial repository.