My name is Francis Kung, and this is my tech/work-related blog. I am a 4th year Electrical & Computer Engineering student at the University of Toronto (Canada), majoring in power systems and software. I am also currently on a 16-month internship with Red Hat Canada in Toronto.

At Red Hat, I’m on the Open Source Java team, and my primary area of work used to be on GNU Classpath. While I’ve looked at various areas, I ended up focusing on image/graphics/Java2D work as it was in desperate need of some attention (I had no experience in the area prior to starting this internship).

When Sun released the OpenJDK, our team shifted focus and started the IcedTea project; as graphics are a major area of encumbrances, I’ve continued in the area, adding open-source graphics support to IcedTea. Ideally I hope that we will eventually work directly on the OpenJDK.

Outside of work, I also provide volunteer IT & developer services to Engineers Without Borders Canada, an organisation that focuses both on capacity building as a means to poverty alleviation in developing communities, and on outreach/advocacy in Canada.

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